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"Once in a Lifetime Opportunities"

Message from Executive Director Molly Shaw, Fall 2012

Molly Shaw, CIS Executive DirectorIn early September, CIS employees were given the opportunity to take a tour of Time Warner Cable Arena in its renovated state to serve as the convention hall for the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Regardless of our individual political beliefs, it was a fun and interesting experience, seeing how the arena was transformed into the convention floor that would be televised throughout the nation.

The “tourists” present that morning were mostly adults, but there were several busloads of children from various schools. Michelle Price, our CIS Site Coordinator at First Ward Elementary, had secured a tour for her students and I was excited to see them exiting the arena. I love any chance I have to chat with CIS students.

I asked them how they liked CIS, and they all immediately shouted, “We LOVE CIS!! We L-O-V-E Mrs. Price!!!” (and no, Mrs. Price did not prompt them or have any idea we would see each other that morning!). So then I asked, “What is it you like about CIS and what makes it special?” “Millany,” a third grader in CIS at First Ward, politely raised her hand and said, “CIS lets us experience once in a lifetime opportunities.” Another child raised his hand and said that he had the chance to go to Discovery Place for the first time through CIS. Millany then raised her hand again and said, “I am from Puerto Rico, and where I am from, we do not have buildings even as big as that one across the street (she pointed to a five-story building). “But today, I got to come here and walk through this building,” (she pointed to the arena).

First Ward students at DNC Convention Arena TourMillany’s response of “once in a lifetime opportunities” stuck with me and I’m proud and grateful that CIS is a leader in providing such experiences for students in CMS. I think many of us may forget or take for granted certain opportunities and life experiences that have shaped and enhanced our lives. We don’t think about the impact that a simple outing to our uptown district might have on a child, even if it is just about seeing tall buildings for the first time.

If you are on our e-mail list or receive our print newsletter, then you may be aware that The Leon Levine Foundation has presented CIS – and you, our partners and friends - with a very special opportunity to double the amount of donations made to CIS if made by December 31, 2012 (and if the gift meets the criteria of being from a new donor or is an increase over a past amount). Perhaps it’s not exactly a “once in a lifetime opportunity” – we do hope this won’t be the only time you’ll make a donation to CIS! – but it is certainly a very generous and special opportunity for CIS to make great gains in our fundraising efforts, which in turn will provide more of – and hopefully to more students – these “once in a lifetime opportunities” that Millany described.

As always, thank you for your belief in our organization and the work that we do. And on behalf of our students, thank you for your strong consideration of making a first-time donation to CIS or increasing a past gift amount before the Levine Foundation grant deadline of December 31. What a wonderful gift that will be for our kids.

Click here to make a donation online or call our Development Office at 704.943.9440. Thank you!


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