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Math 24 Tournament: Learning = FUN!

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Math 24 winners_Jan2015Who's afraid of a few little math problems? Not our CIS middle school students, that's for sure! It was quite a treat at the Math 24 Tournament on January 30 to witness a room full of middle schoolers behaving in this odd manner... all were very quiet, very focused, not much noise at all... except for the inaudible sound of brain cells clicking! No pencils, paper, or calculators allowed - just good old brain power to be the first one to solve the Math 24 equation in each "round"!

Last year our Project L.I.F.T. Team implemented the Math 24 game as a great way to help students improve their math skills, while also building self-confidence, social skills and good "sportsmanship" conduct. For those not familiar, Math 24 is a math literacy game where players must manipulate a set of four numbers to get an end result of 24. They can add, subtract, multiply or divide - but it must all be "in their head" (no paper, pencils or calculators can be used).

This year our Project L.I.F.T. Team asked our Middle School Site Coordinators to join them in the competition. The eight participating schools on January 30 were Ashley Park, Berryhill, Druid Hills, McClintock, Ranson, Reid Park, Thomasboro, and Walter G. Byers. To prepare for the tournament, CIS Site coordinators practice the game weekly with their students - there's even a Math 24 "app" that can be downloaded. Each school then selected four finalists to represent their school and compete in the tournament on January 30.

In the CIS Tournament, the 32 students divided into eight groups of four students at at a table. Each table of four competed in a "round" to be the first (at their table) to solve the given problem (always 4 numbers) correctly. The top winner of each round at each table, moved on to the next round, until only 3 students remained.  These three "mathletes" then competed to determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. But if the energy in the room and the smiles on the students' faces was any indication, the experience added up to FUN for everyone!

Congratulations to these top three winners of the tournament:

1st Place - Anthony Thomas, Walter G. Byers (Erin Morris, CIS Site Coordinator)
2nd Place - Carolina Sierra-Martinez, Ashley Park (Jessica Williams, CIS Site Coordinator)
3rd Place - Huong Y, Reid Park (Diana Partlow, CIS Site Coordinator)

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